The Hit of the Season!   

On the Trail of the Argonauts

Fantastic Journey which covers Greece, Turkey and Georgia..

Journey beyond the Clouds

Travel through the passes of the Greater Caucasus: jeeps, horses, balloons. This you will not find anywhere!

   For the Chosen Few!   

To Georgia for Wine

Anyone can go to Georgia to drink wine. It does not take any special skills. All you need to do is open your mouth! Where is the adventure in that?..

For the Chosen Few!

You are in for a fascinating journey ride through the valleys and mountains...

Reach for the Stars

We have a super place there!..

Harmony of Contrasts

When you arrive in Baku, you immediately find yourself in a holiday atmosphere...

Ara, Vay-Vay!

As soon as you arrive in Armenia, you discover that many of the most important events in human history began right here...

Wonderful Winter!

Buy a ticket, get on a plane, and wing your way to Mestia...



Team Building

We have a variety of different alternatives...


Flying in a hot air balloon is an extremely emotional experience! The spellbinding beauty of our earth as it opens up from above,..