Our Story
Sky Travel LTD Destination Management Company was founded in 2005 to develop a new way of travel and explore the fascinating landscape of the Caucasus from a bird’s eye view.  
Since 2005, we have grown from a team of four working in a small office to 20 employees with two more offices located in the historical part of Tbilisi. International organizations are already recognizing our professional achievements. We have been an authorized member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) since 2005 and an accredited agent of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 2015.

As a member of the Georgian Tourism Association, we are contributing to the sustainable development of national tourism and monitoring the implementation of the national tourism strategy.

Our Mission
We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs, seeking to surpass their expectations and dreams. As mediators among different cultures, we strive to create an atmosphere where both customers and hosts can build experiences that matter together.

Our Responsibilities
We are respectful of the natural environment, culture and traditions of the region in which we operate. We are committed to delivering value for every visitor to our country.

We cooperate by means of capacity-building and professional development to bring economic benefits to local communities.
We feel responsibility toward our team members, stakeholders and the social environment. 
We strive for excellence in all our commitments. 

Our Team
We are a passionate team of professionals with diverse abilities who create a unique and infallible travel experience that surpasses all expectations.
We believe that our team of adventure travel experts is one of the best in the region. Our ballooning team is responsible for everything regarding flights all over the Caucasus.  We are a team of dream makers capable of meeting the needs and requirements of every visitor.  
Our team is well-versed in international cultural relations, interpretation, has perfect knowledge of the air industry, including ticketing, and is proficient in incentive and event management. 

We practice an exclusive customer care approach that covers every aspect of the value chain while delivering efficient and exquisite service.